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The infrastructure in Estonia has developed fast and a lot during the recent years. The speed limits and closed roads in summer might cause frustration, but good roads make long drives enjoyable. As Estonia does not have enough granite in the ground, we need to import granite products, including granite chippings, from Scandinavia. Granite chippings are more durable than limestone chippings and ensure longer service life for our roads. Our company, Granite Centre (in English), was established to supply high-quality granite chippings from Sweden and elsewhere to infrastructure developers in Estonia.

Our business is mainly based on proper logistics. For everything to go smoothly, our business partners need to be very good at what they do.

Our suppliers are large Scandinavian companies we can always rely on for the ordered goods to be at the loading port on time. All materials supplied are certified and meet the quality criteria applicable here.

We also have made no concessions in choosing our shipping partners. Our brokers have a long and trustworthy professional history, allowing us to give our clients information on the delivery time to an accuracy of a day.

We deliver to all Estonian ports: Tallinn (Bekkeri, Muuga), Pärnu, Paldiski, Kunda, Sillamäe, Roomassaare, etc. If the client requests, we can also arrange storage and weighing of the goods at the port.

Further information on our partners and goods offered can be found under the PARTNERS link